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A moment to celebrate … and a time to reflect

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

On January 25, 1967 The Beatles performed a new song on one of the first world wide simulcasts where everyone on the planet could watch at the very same time.

The band was challenged to write a song that could be embraced by everyone.

The song was … All You Need Is Love … mission accomplished.

A song that talked about bringing people together, respecting each other, our place.

Perhaps ideas that deserve some serious attention in these challenging times.

Surely the notion of bringing people together about anything is worthwhile.

Burrows And Company has recorded this classic John Lennon song as Part 1 of a project, out of respect and homage … in celebration of this significant moment.

And hopefully to draw some attention to the concepts and the values expressed.

In the minds of many one of The Beatles’ finest contributions to a better world.

Something worth considering and pursuing in these difficult times.

Part 2 of this project involves finding a good gospel choir that would be interested in joining us on this recording … can just hear a choir singing with us on this tune.

First we have to find the choir … then we have to find a way to compensate them.

And then we would get to record them and have them carry us to a new level.

So if anyone out there reading this does know of such a choir, please get in touch.


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