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Raining Fire

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Gives me great pleasure to share our latest recording ... Raining Fire.

If that sounds like deja vu all over again to some of you, you are correct. This song was written in the mid 1980's ... at the time to address acid rain. It was recorded as a demo and offered to The Acid Rain Coalition. That recording featured some ex Imperials and Sam Reid of Glass Tiger. Raining Fire was the final piece on the Bobby Kris Now CD in 1998. With a 10 piece band, 5 piece horns and the guitar of Larry Leishman. Then we made a performance video of it at the Newmarket Festival 2018.

That video made me think we should go back into the studio with it. Had something to do with Al Cross and a maraca ... maracas rule! And it certainly does here ... played live with the kit ... not overdubbed. And the wonderful guitar playing of Graham Young on both occasions. To have a listen to our most recent version of Raining Fire pls visit ...

Since I wrote the song in 1985 it has become a metaphor for all of the sundry compelling environmental issues we are facing at this time. Unfortunately things have not gotten any better here ... only much worse.

On this recording Burrows And Company are ...

Drums ... Al Cross

Bass ... Dennis Pendrith

Organ ... Dave Chester

Guitar ... Graham Young

Piano and Vocals ... Bob Burrows

The song was recorded at Chalet Studio near Claremont ON

Recording engineers ... Justin Meli, Dave Chester

Mixing engineer ... Josh Bowman

Art work ... Mike Raines

Raining Fire was written by Bob Burrows ... all rights reserved.

Hope you enjoy our new recording.

Bob Burrows

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