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The Tale Behind The Tune ... More of the Same

Dear Friends In Music,

We are formally releasing our full band recording of More Of The Same today. And this may indeed be an appropriate time to do that, given what is going on. This may be a critical and pivotal moment in the Hamas Israel War going forward. We have made this recording in an effort to join in and to contribute to the chorus of voices from all over the world calling for the following …

An immediate prolonged and with any luck, permanent ceasefire in this conflict. To allow desperately needed shipments of humanitarian aid to enter into Gaza. To put an end to the urgent humanitarian catastrophe there and in particular the famine and starvation of hundreds if not thousands of innocent children. To stop the carnage in Gaza … the massacre of thousands of innocent Palestinian women and children who had nothing to do with the atrocities committed on Oct 7. While Israel, like any other nation has the right to defend itself, what has transpired in Gaza since then has little, if anything to do with the atrocities of Oct 7. This is not an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth … it has become an eye for thousands of eyes and a tooth for thousands of teeth … of innocent civilians.

That Israel immediately open all its border crossings into Gaza and stop impeding and interfering with humanitarian aid shipments into the area in any way.

That the United States and other allies of Israel stop funding the massacre, slaughter and deprivation of thousands of innocent women and children in Gaza. While President Biden has made remarks to this effect, he has not done anything substantial to address this issue … talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words. Also while he has cautioned Israel that its current actions may lead to decades of retribution, he should consider his own advice with regard to the interests of the USA.

The immediate and unconditional release of all Israeli hostages held by Hamas.

That the international community and especially the allies of both sides of this conflict convene a conference through the United Nations to explore and pursue ways in which we can create a long lasting peaceful resolution of the issues underlying this conflict for many decades, that will guarantee and protect the existence, peace and the security of both Israel and Palestine moving forward.

Admittedly this may be a very difficult thing to achieve at the moment given the leadership of both sides of this conflict, neither of which seems interested in peace. This is clearly an obstacle to moving forward with ideas like the two state solution. However, there are many peace activists in both of these communities who do understand what kinds of things need to be done to resolve this situation and who are committed to finding ways to accomplish that for both Israelis and Palestinians. Activists who understand the critical need for mutual respect and security for all. We need to find ways to identify such individuals and engage them in this process.

We urge you to do anything you can to contribute to this important conversation. Lobby your MP … demand that our politicians stop just talking about this situation and start doing something about it … stop mincing words, demand a substantial ceasefire as many other nations have done … France, Spain, South Africa, Jordan. Post your thoughts on Facebook … and all the other social media platforms. Share our recording with others in any way to provoke thought and discussion.

I did not write this song, nor did we record it, for money. We produced this song to make a difference in the world we live in. If you are an activist seeking peace and an end to this conflict and you can use our song in any way to accomplish that, feel free to do so … and good luck with that!

Do anything you can to stop this outrageous madness ... the time is now.

On this recording, Burrows And Company are …

Drums … Al Cross

Bass … Dennis Pendrith

Hammond B3 … David Chester

Slide Guitar … Patrick Fockler

Piano … Bob Burrows

Vocals … Bob Burrows

Background Vocals … Bob Burrows

Recording Engineer … Justin Meli

Mixing Engineer … Josh Bowman

Recorded at Chalet Studio near Claremont ON …

More Of The Same was written by Bob Burrows on October 19, 2023

Published by Out Of The Wilderness Publishing … all rights reserved

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