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Over Yonder

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

TITLE: Over Yonder

DATE: November 2019

LOCATION: Chalet Studios


Drums … Al Cross

Bass … Dennis Pendrith

Organ … David Chester

Guitar … Graham Young

Piano … Denis Keldie

Vocals … Bob Burrows



Recording Engineer: Justin Meli

Mixing Engineer: Josh Bowman

Producer: Bob Burrows



Over Yonder enunciates many of the thoughts and feelings I have had over the past few years about the end of life, at my age you think about such things more often!

It also addresses a lot of concepts and ideas about all that from others, especially organized religion about what death means and what happens afterwards.

To me, what happens after death is rather obvious! … and a lot of things that are said about it and what transpires are little more than fanciful nonsense.

When I first played the song to our musical director and bandmate Dave Chester he broke into gales of laughter at the ending … A song about a topic everyone wants to hear about Bob … he said … dying! A song to literally die for!

And I wonder why I don’t have more Listeners on Spotify.

Great piano playing on this track by a close friend of our band … Denis Keldie.

His touch here reminds me a lot of Floyd Kramer.

As I wrote this song I could hear Roebuck Pop Staples wailing away in my head.

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