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In My Life

TITLE: In My Life

DATE: November 2019

LOCATION: Chalet Studio


Drums … Al Cross

Bass … Dennis Pendrith

Organ … David Chester

Guitar … Graham Young

Piano … Bob Burrows

Vocals … Bob Burrows

SONGWRITER: John Lennon, Paul McCartney


Recording Engineer: Justin Meli

Mixing Engineer: Josh Bowman

Producer: Bob Burrows



This classic Lennon McCartney song has always been important to me personally.

It was the song my wife and I danced to at our wedding reception.

And unfortunately the song we carried her out of the church to at her funeral.

I have sung the song many times over the years since I first heard it in the 60’s.

Always thought it was John Lennon’s masterpiece … and then he wrote Imagine.

Some lovely piano playing on this track by David Chester, originally it was a duo.

Hope you enjoy our version of this wonderful tune … this one’s for you Judy.

Bob Burrows

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