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Heartbreak Hotel Live

TITLE: Heartbreak Hotel Live

DATE: October 2019

LOCATION: Burdock Pub, Bloor St. W. Toronto


Drums … Al Cross

Bass … Dennis Pendrith

Keyboards … David Chester

Guitar … Graham Young

Piano … Bob Burrows

Vocals … Bob Burrows

SONGWRITER: Tommy Durndun, Mae Axton Boren & Elvis Presley


Recording Engineer: Sound Man at Burdock and room mics

Mixing Engineer: Scott Campbell, Dave Chester

Producer: Bob Burrows



This was our last live performance as a band just before the pandemic set in.

I have always loved this song … first rock ‘n roll song I ever heard.

Saw Elvis perform it live on black & white tv on The Tommy Dorsey Show.

We have often used this song as a vehicle to elevate the profile of homelessness.

We originally recorded this version back in 2011 with that in mind.

The guitar playing here is simply wonderful … Graham loves this tune.

You can hear members of the audience calling out to him at the end of his solo.

We really love to play live together and we so seldom get to do that.

There is something magical about live music and you can sense that here.

And if you really do appreciate this performance please give something to help.

The folks at Fred Victor do a wonderful job for the homeless in Toronto.

Inn From The Cold … same deal … Newmarket ON

And there are lots more … talk is cheap … give something … thank you.

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