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Gimme Some Lovin'

TITLE: Gimme Some Lovin’

DATE: November 2019

LOCATION: Chalet Studios


Drums … Al Cross

Bass … Dennis Pendrith

Piano … David Chester

Guitar and Slide Guitar … Graham Young

Hammond B3 … Denis Keldie

Vocals … Bob Burrows

Background Vocals … Dave Chester, Graham Young, Bob Burrows

SONGWRITERS: Steve Winwood, Muff Winwood and Spencer Davis


Recording Engineer: Justin Meli

Mixing Engineer: Josh Bowman

Producer: Bob Burrows



We recorded this song in about 20 minutes. Suddenly one of the musicians announced he had to go but we convinced him to stay for a few more minutes.

Have always loved this tune and wanted to try it a little differently with a shuffle for fun … but we had never ever played the song together before.

So I shouted out instructions as best I could until Al started counting us in.

We played it through once and it came off not bad … couple of mistakes.

Quickly called out where we went wrong as Al stated counting us in again.

And that was it! … hard to believe we got what we got … the organ is stunning!

A comment on just how good these players are … never cease to amaze me.

We overdubbed the background vocals later … a fun song … hope you enjoy.

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