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All You Need is Love

TITLE: All You Need Is Love

DATE: April 2020

LOCATION: Chalet Studio


Drums … Al Cross

Bass … Dennis Pendrith

Organ … David Chester

Guitar … Graham Young

Piano … Bob Burrows

Vocals … Bob Burrows

SONGWRITER: John Lennon, Paul McCartney


Recording Engineer: Justin Meli

Mixing Engineer: Josh Bowman

Producer: Bob Burrows



The guitar playing on this track is magnificent … from one end to the other.

The whole band gets into a wonderful groove in the ending.

And Dennis gives a nod of respect to The Beatles on our way out.

A challenge to sing but lots of lovely moments … reaching for whatever you got.

Was going to go back and “fix” this or that but just decided to leave it alone.

May not be perfect … but then nothing is.

Bob Burrows

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